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Environmental Education Committee

Enhance education throughout the Upper Penns Creek Watershed through placed-based learning in the mosaic of healthy and functioning ecosystems through experiential and service learning opportunities through walking tours, restoration projects, our demonstration sustainable sister organization. "The Learning Garden" and the exceptional Muddy Paws Restored Wetland. We have something for everybody to connect to and learn from.

Mission: Enhance environmental education throughout the Upper Penns Creek Watershed.

The Education Committee works on the assumption that everybody has something to learn as well as something to teach, and that any encounter with nature is a learning opportunity. While our primary focus is on student education projects in the Penns Valley Elementary and High Schools, the Education Committee works with other Board Committees to amplify the educational components of their projects as well as with independent conservation projects in the Valley. [more at bottom]


Muddy Paws     |     The Learning Garden     |     Chicory Lane Farm


(added 3-18-16) 2016 Environmental Education Committee Events – SPRING [pdf] [doc]

Muddy Paws Field Journal, grades 2-4 [pdf] (posted 9-22-15)

Muddy Paws Field Journal, grades 5-6 [pdf] (posted 9-22-15)

Watershed Workbook [pdf] (posted 9-22-15)

Attention Penns Valley High School students - there is more information on the Stream Internship Program here. Button to the left opens the PDF file. [no pdf capability? try opening the doc]


PVCA Volunteer Handbook - information for those that may be interested in helping with our student functions at Muddy Paws Marsh, our student field trips, the Second Saturday events, etc. Contact our environmental education coordinator (Jim Flanagan) at this email address:

[environmental education committee, continued] The Education Committee is active and energized, which is good because everything PVCA does is educational. This year the Environmental Education Committee is working to strengthen ties and programming at the Penns Valley Learning Garden, Muddy Paws Marsh, Mountainside Homestead and more. Our top priority is obvious and was easily agreed upon: to support our Environmental Educator, Jim Flanagan. The dozen or so Committee members have also created quite a list of potential projects including:

green bullet point Re-establishing one or more School Gardens

green bullet point Reviving the Environmental Center behind the PV Elementary School

green bullet point Working with PVHS students as they plan their Senior projects

green bullet point Teacher Trainings

green bullet point Partnering with Boy and Girl Scouts, 4H, Libraries, Churches, Farm Fest, PASA etc.

green bullet point Coordinating events in the Learning Garden

The Environmental Education Committee is also developing the educational components for PVCA sponsored events such as Crickfest This Committee is meets monthly.

For more information, contact the committee chair:

Chair:Lexie Orr

Members: Jim Pierce, Kim Forsythe, Willa Paterson, Claudia Wilson, Dan Shimp, Nell Hanssen, Mary Kay Williams, Jacqui Wagner

info on our Environmental Education Coordinator