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[updated 3-24-14]

Mailing List / Newsletter

To be fully up to date with all matters PVCA, one should:

1. Ensure that you are on our email list. If you are not, sign up here

2. Get the quartly newsletter. We send them by direct postal mail. For those who want a greener mode of delivery, newsletters are archived on this site (they go back quite a few years). Download them. Read them. It's a very good way to hear about upcoming events and read recaps of ones in the past.

In the past, one had to be a member to receive the printed version in the mail. Not so any longer! Contact us if you want it in your mailbox. Good deal! Do it.

3. Visit this website. Hopskip to the facebook page. Follow the tweets. Calendar events are posted on the upcoming events page.

4. Participate in meetings, highway cleanups, streambank cleanups, and scheduled events including Crickfest. PVCA is successful in it's endeavors because of the generosity of volunteers. THANK YOU to all who have had a hand in the efforts over the years.